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Kathy strives to provide consistent service on behalf of all of her family law clients. She devotes a great deal of time and effort into effectively serving clients in a wide variety of family law matters in Toronto and around the province of Ontario.

Kathy offers practical and professional advice relating to all aspects of family law, including, but not limited to: divorce, division of property, matrimonial home issues, child and spousal support disputes, custody and access concerns, variation proceedings, mobility issues, paternity, domestic violence, restraining orders, adoption and child protection matters. Kathy also has had experience in dealing with the enforcement of child support and Section 7 expenses by the Director of the Family Responsibility Office and support recipients who have withdrawn their matters from the Family Responsibility Office.

Kathy also assists clients in negotiating and drafting separation agreements, pre-nuptial/marriage contracts and co-habitation agreements for both opposite sex and same-sex couples.

Kathy has experience in imputing income to spouses with unreported income; child support and the application of the Federal Child Support Guidelines when income exceeds $150,000 and the minimizing of tax implications of asset transfers during relationship changes.

Kathy is responsive to her client’s distinct needs. She ensures that her clients are always aware of the various options available to them, depending on their circumstances. She is sensitive to the fact that clients cannot make informed decisions without the professional support and advice of a trained advocate. Where necessary and affordable, Kathy has other professionals who can be called on to assist such as accountants, private investigators and financial and/or tax experts.

Kathy assists clients in exploring the benefits of all options in trying to resolve their family law issues whether it be through mediation, arbitration or through traditional litigation.

Kathy makes it a priority to keep informed of changes in the law through regular reading of legal precedents, attendance at continuing professional development programs, and networking and mentoring with senior members of the bar and bench whenever possible.


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